Trumpet Supergroup Live at The Jazz School

April 22, 2007

A few weeks back, I was invited to record and photograph the Trumpet Supergroup playing live at the Jazz School on April 24, 2007. The group featured an amazing lineup of local trumpeters that included Mark Inouye, Mario Guarneri, Dave Scott, Erik Jekabson and Mike Olmos performing a wide assortment of pieces on flugelhorns and Bb, Eb, and piccolo trumpets. That’s five, count ’em, five trumpets up front — all I can say is, “wow!” As if that weren’t enough, they were backed by the incredible rhythm section of Marcus Shelby on bass, Randy Vincent on guitar, and Jeff Marrs on drums.

Each one of these musicians brings a unique strength and talent to the trumpet that’s all their own, and listening to them all mix, match, and mingle throughout the course of the performance exemplified the deep range and diversity of styles they all bring to the table both individually, as composers and killer soloists, as well as collaboratively through awe-inspiring arrangements of the (mostly) original compositions contributed by each. This is another great example of a local group that doesn’t play together all that often, but when they do, it’s an event not to be missed!

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Audio Tracks
1. Battle Suite | Echoes of New Orleans (Scheidt)
2. Close Your Eyes (Petkere)
3. Free to Be (Marsalis, arr. Scott)
4. Solo Trumpet and Effects Pedal (Jekabson)
5. Cinderella (Inouye)
6. Things Just Aren’t the Same (Guarneri)
7. Baile (Guarneri)
8. The 25th St. Skip (Scott)
9. Found a New Baby (Palmer|Williams, arr. Jekabson)
10. Swinging My Dear Bonnie Lass (Scott)
11. Traffic (Jekabson)


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