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Electric Squeezebox Orchestra Recording Session at Fantasy Studios

December 12, 2015


The Electric Squeezebox Orchestra recording The Captain by Charlie Gurke during sessions at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California on December 12, 2015.

Musicians (on The Captain)
Sheldon Brown, Alto Saxophone
Larry Delacruz, Alto Saxophone
Michael Zilber, Tenor Saxophone
Marcus Stephens, Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Gurke, Baritone Saxophone
Rob Ewing, Trombone
Danny Lubin-Laden, Trombone
Patrick Malabuyo, Trombone
Richard Lee, Trombone
Erik Jekabson, Trumpet
Darren Johnston, Trumpet
Dave Scott, Trumpet
Doug Morton, Trumpet
Dan Zemelman, Piano
Bass: Tommy Folen, Bass
David Flores, Drums
Special Guest: John Santos, Percussion

Note: Photography and videography by Audio courtesy of the band and their official studio recording.


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Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra’s MLK Recording Session at Fantasy Studios

June 29, 2010

The Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra during the “MLK” recording sessions with Porto Franco Records at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California on June 29, 2010.

Musicians (Morning Session)
Marcus Shelby, Bass & Composer/Arranger
Adam Shulman, Piano
Gabe Eaton, Alto Sax
Marcus Stephens, Alto Sax
Howard Wiley, Soprano Sax
Sheldon Brown, Tenor Sax & Clarinet
Evan Francis, Tenor Sax & Flute
Fil Lorenz, Bari Sax
Joel Behrman, Trombone
Rob Ewing, Trombone
Mike Rinta, Trombone
Scott Englebright, Trumpet
Darren Johnston, Trumpet
Louis Fasman, Trumpet
Mike Olmos, Trumpet
Mark Wright, Trumpet
Jeff Marrs, Drums


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Trumpet Supergroup Live at The Jazz School

April 22, 2007

The Trumpet Supergroup performed live at the Jazz School in Berkeley on April 22, 2007. The group played a wide assortment of pieces on flugelhorns and Bb, Eb, and piccolo trumpets.

Mark Inouye, Trumpet
Mario Guarneri, Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Dave Scott, Trumpet
Erik Jekabson , Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Mike Olmos, Trumpet
Marcus Shelby, Bass
Randy Vincent, Guitar
Jeff Marrs, Drums


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Ben Adams Quintet Live at Annas Jazz Island

January 15, 2007

The Ben Adams Quintet playing live at Anna’s Jazz Island in Berkeley on January 15, 2007.

Ben Adams, Vibes
Mitch Marcus, Tenor
Erik Jekabson, Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Sameer Gupta, Drums
Eugene Warren, Bass
Vince Wallace, Tenor (Special Guest)


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Howard Wiley Live at Trinity Chapel

November 4, 2006

Howard Wiley and friends performed live as part of the Trinity Chamber Concert Series at Trinity Chapel in Berkeley on November 4, 2006. The band played work-in-progress pieces from Howard’s upcoming Angola Project, along with a sampling of straight-ahead and New Orleans jazz.

Howard Wiley, Tenor
Sly Randolph, Drums
Marcus Shelby, Bass
Geechi Taylor, Trumpet
Andre Webb, Trombone
Yeruda Caesar, Violin
Vivian McBride, Violin
Lauren Benedict, Vocals
Jeanine Anderson, Vocals


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