BayTaper.com is an online multimedia documentary featuring original live audio recordings, video footage, and photography from the San Francisco Bay Area underground jazz and creative music scene. The project is run by a single devoted music fan, professional photographer, and dedicated archivist with a passion for documenting a small part of the vibrant world class performing arts scene in San Francisco.

The project also represents a purposeful effort to push the limits of what a one man cinema verite documentarian can do using new media techniques to capture real life events in a very discreet style. My approach involves experimenting with a multitude of digital formats – including audio, video, and photography – and spans an end-to-end workflow that allows a single person to creatively and rapidly acquire, edit, and distribute high quality multimedia online. In essence, this project is built on a love of live music mixed with a passion for photography, documentary field recording, and new media creation.

With respect to the content on this site, please know that I fully understand that every artist has a unique perspective on online music sharing, and I recognize that it is a constant struggle for today’s artists to balance the need to gain a wider reach and fan base with the need to protect their intellectual property and make a living from it. I work on this project mostly for the pure enjoyment of being a documentarian, meeting new and interesting people, making life-long friends, enjoying live music, and with the good intentions of introducing others to some of the talented – and often under-appreciated – artists and musicians that perform in the San Francisco Bay Area every day.

It’s also important to understand that my intent is to always respect the wishes of the artists I record and photograph. Every recording I make and post to this website is done with the explicit permission of the artists involved. My ability to record these amazing artists is based entirely on building long-term relationships and trust that results in being given intimate access to their lives and their live performances. So, you can be assured that I always seek permission before recording or posting any content to this website. I should also mention that all of the content available on this website is copyrighted work and is being made available for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use of material on this website requires the explicit permission from the artists involved. Lastly, if you have a copyright interest in any of the media hosted on this website and no longer wish it to be made available online, please contact me immediately, and I will take it down posthaste.

Thanks again for your interest in my website and the San Francisco creative music scene, and please make sure to get out more to listen and support local live music!