Jazz Mafia 12th Anniversary Fillmore Rehearsals

November 17, 2012

Members of the Jazz Mafia rehearse at Lennon Studios in San Francisco while preparing for their 12th Anniversary Show taking place tonight at the Fillmore. There are still tickets left, and this is not a show to miss, so clear your calendar and head over to what will surely be the best live music happening in the City tonight!

We’re beyond excited about playing this legendary venue, it’s one of the biggest events we’ve ever produced and it’s our first performance in SF with our Symphony in a year. The lineup for Saturday includes The Jazz Mafia Symphony performing music from Brass Bows & Beats, The Emperor Norton Suite, The Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Realistic Orchestra, Subharmonic, Dublin, Joe Bagale, Aima The Dreamer, Soulati, myself as musical director and 40 of SF’s finest music makers along with several other special guests such as the undisputed king of the turntables, DJ Qbert. — Adam Theis


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