Fourth Annual Switchboard Music Festival Live at Brava Theater

April 10, 2011

The Switchboard Music Festival was founded by local (or formerly local) composers and performers Jeff Anderle, Ryan Brown, and Jonathan Russell with the goal of presenting an epic eight-hour, non-stop music marathon featuring composers and musicians who push the boundaries of their respective genres. No other Bay Area music festival or concert series offers such an eclectic, genre-crossing, convention-breaking, bastardizing group of experimentalists, innovators, and musical omnivores in a single event.

Although I wasn’t able to personally stay for the entire eight hours, I did manage to hang out and document about four hours of live music and behind the scenes action at Brava Theater in the Mission, which was the stretch of the day’s program that included Telepathy, The Genie, Wiener Kids, Erik Jekabson and the Bay Area Composers Big Band, and sound artist Loren Chasse who created a work specifically for the unique environment of the Brava Theater.


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