John Brown’s Body Live at the Independent

April 29, 2009

My good friends in John Brown’s Body came through San Francisco again to play at the Independent on April 2, 2009. The band is touring on their album Re-Amplify, and on this particular night were joined by special guest Kevin Kinsella, an original member of the band who hasn’t played with them in years. So it was a short reunion of sorts with Kevin singing on a few killer tunes in the middle of the set. It turned out to be a great night of live music and the band did not disappoint!

I ended up capturing some sweet multimedia during the course of the night — audio, video, and stills — which I mashed up into this kickin’ video of Among Them. Also, please note that thanks to the generosity of the band’s open taping policy, I was permitted to upload the entire concert to The Internet Archive for your downloading pleasure (including a 16-Bit CD quality source). So make sure to check out the audio (and photos), and don’t forget to support these guys the next time they come through your town… Enjoy!

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Set List
1. United
2. 33 RPM
3. Shadow
4. Amplify
5. Guvna
6. Gold
7. This End
8. Gonna Do
9. Among Them
10. Push
11. TKO
12. Struggling
13. Original
14. Zion
15. Peace
16. Resonate


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