8 Legged Monster Live at Club Deluxe

May 20, 2008

Here’s a fabulous audience recording of 8 Legged Monster playing live at Club Deluxe in the Haight on May 7, 2008. Although they don’t play live together that often, when they do, it’s a must-see event. So go out and support these guys the next chance you get! You can learn more about the band and their upcoming schedule on MySpace, and you can find their studio album for sale at CD Baby. I’d also like to give a big shout out to the band for letting me post a few tracks for you to enjoy, thanks guys!

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Rob Barics, Clarinet & Tenor
Joel Behrman, Trombone
Ian Carey, Trumpet
Tom Griesser, Bari Sax
Mike Irwin-Johnson, Guitar & Arranger
Noel Jewkes, Tenor Sax
Vince Lateano, Drums
Eric Markowitz, Bass
Mike Olmos, Trumpet

Audio Tracks
1. Larsony
2. F.U.R.B.
3. Olmos Def
4. Veedy
5. Mood Indigo


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