Realistic Orchestra Live at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

April 2, 2008

Coming off a huge week of rehearsals and a live album recording session at Bruno’s, Realistic Orchestra was back at it again (and in rare form) for an impressive performance opening for Björkestra at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 6, 2008.
Since the obvious theme of the night was Björk-inspired, the band pulled out one of their old favorites — an orchestral arrangement of Björk’s Venus As A Boy. They completely nailed the performance, it was quite simply awesome, and that solo by Dave Scott in the final minute was just off the hook! There were also some kickin’ guest vocal appearances by Chris McGee and Joe Bagale on a few tracks, and their set was topped off by members of Björkestra joining Realistic for a monster-sized wall ‘o brass blasting away their theme song Mountain Man. Now that was some crazy sh*t!
So, make sure to click on the audio slideshow above for a taste of the night’s outstanding performance, and you can also view more photos in this Flickr Set. Enjoy!

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