Broun Fellinis and Radioactive Live at Cafe Du Nord

February 7, 2007

I checked out an awesome live show this week with the Broun Fellinis and Radioactive (of Spearhead) ripping it up at Cafe Du Nord on Market Street. Radio opened the show with some incredible beat-boxing, and at times self-sampling and looping his own beats and then freestyling on top of it. At one point, he went on an absolutely sick freestyle binge rapping about everything he did that day from morning up until this very moment of the show. I was quite simply blown-away by his performance — let their be no doubt he’s got some serious MC talent.

After Radio got the crowd riled up, the Fellinis came on stage and offered even more great music featuring their unique style and synergy of dub, afro beat, funk, drumnbass, and progressive rock. As always, their mix of styles was mesmorizing, and David Boyce’s sax playing was awe-inspiring. I didn’t roll tape for the show because the band already had folks recording audio and video, but now I totally regret not having my own audience source because I already want to listen to the show again. Oops, oh well… Instead of recording, I focused on shooting photographs during the show which resulted in the fantastic shots you see below.

So enjoy the pictures, and make sure to check out Radio and/or the Fellini’s the next chance you get!


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