2006 Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival in Seattle

September 2, 2006

All I can saw is WOW! We just got back from Seattle where we visited some of our family and enjoyed what was out our eighth trip to the annual Bumbershoot Music & Art Festival, which is held and around the Seattle Center area of the city. The weather was some of the best we’ve ever had at that time of the year. It was clear and sunny every day, and the temperature was just right, not too hot or too cold — but absolutely perfect! And no rain, yeah!

We spent almost the entire day on Saturday running around the festival. We got to sample a bunch of great bands, see some of the art, and we even attended some of the roller derby events, which was hilarious. Amazingly, San Francisco had a team in the series, so we went to see their first game — totally classic! As for the music, it reflected the diversity of the fans and Seattle in general. There was a little bit of everything from jazz to world beats to reggae to indie rock to mainstream pop and hip hop. There were so many stages and so many performances happening simultaneously throughout the day that it seems impossible at times to even agree on a game plan. So, we just marked a couple of things we definitely wanted to check out, and then we just winged it from there.

Through the graciousness of the festival organizers, this seemingly no-name Bay Area blogger was lucky enough to have scored photo credentials, which as it turned out weren’t needed at many of the stages, but came in handy on more than one occasion. So, a major thanks goes out to Bumbershoot for the Bay Area hookups. I ended up taking a load of nice photos (see below), and had a complete blast all day. After our Bumbershoot adventures on Saturday, we then had the opportunity to spend Sunday afternoon on the Sound swimming and boating on my brother-in-law’s oh-so-sweet 1952 Chris Craft.

Overall, our experience in Seattle this trip was as fun as ever, but it went by way too fast. We wished we had one more day at the Festival. There’s no doubt that Seattle has a touch of that same stuff that makes the San Francisco Bay Area such a great place to live — so we just couldn’t help having a good time. If you ever have the chance, you should definitely take a trip up there sometime, and better yet, make sure you do it when Bumbershoot is in full swing, you won’t regret it!

You can check out all of our Bumbershoot photos below or via this Flickr Slideshow. Thanks!


Laura Veirs

Rogue Wave


Po’okela Street Band


Alejandro Escovedo

Roller Derby: SF vs. Minn.

Bumbshoot 2006


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