Kurt Ribak Trio Live at the Fillmore St. Jazz Festival

July 2, 2006

Here’s the third installment of my Fillmore Street Jazz Festival photos and audio recordings. This time I’m showcasing the talents of the East Bay powerhouse the Kurt Ribak Trio. The band features Kurt on bass, Greg Sankovich on piano and keys, and Tim Solook on drums. They played on the Sutter Street Stage in the second time slot on Sunday, so although they started out in the fog, the weather made a big turn for the better during the course of their set. In fact, as Kurt ponders out loud right in the recording, it almost seemed as if special guest Lincoln Adler actually warmed up the day with his tenor playing during his first appearance on stage (Finally Home)! Another guest appearance was made later by Lorna K. on vocals. She sang beautifully on Kurt’s piece titled Like an Old Cigarette.

At this point, rather than bore you with a written review, I’ll again able to let the music speak for itself through Kurt and the band’s gracious permission to share the recording with you all (for personal non-commercial use only). So, you can click on the links below to listen to their entire set, and if you like what you hear, please help support their efforts by seeing them play live and purchasing their self-titled studio album. It’s also worth mentioning that drummer Tim Solook has his own CD out, and keyboardist Greg Sankovich is a member of another jazz-funk band called Times 4. I’d like to personally thank Kurt for a great time, and I encourage you to check back soon because I still have more posts coming from the 2006 Fillmore Street Festival. Stay tuned!

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Audio Tracks
1. Introduction
2. 880 Breakdown
3. Ruby
4. Swaying in the Breeze
5. Roy
6. Limbo Jazz [Ellington]
7. Mayberry Revisited
8. Finally Home
9. Just Got Paid
10. Like an Old Cigarette
11. Thanks, Julian


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