John Brown’s Body Live at the Great American Music Hall

May 17, 2006

My old friends from Ithaca rolled back through town a few weeks back, so I had another opportunity to record one of the most talented American reggae acts around. On May 17, 2006, John Brown’s Body played live at the historic Great American Music Hall.

The venue is a classic hall with acoustics all it’s own and the band filled the room with some thumping bass for sure. So we were more than a little disappointed when the venue denied the band a soundboard feed of their own music (they said it required pre-approval and a $1,000 fee), so that squelched our hopes of pulling a matrix of the board mixed with our ambient mics like we did previously at the Warfield. So, this recording is a classic audience tape with all the reverb and boom you could ever want in a reggae recording! Also,thanks to the band’s generous open taping policy, which permits non-commerical sharing of their live performances among fans, you can enjoy the entire show by clicking the links below or by downloading them directly from

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Audio Tracks
1. Intro
2. This is Not the End
3. Make It Easy
4. Rock Stone
5. New Blood
6. Blazing Love
7. Heart & Soul
8. Singers & players
9. Original Man
10. Not Enough
11. Dreadnaught
12. Garden Tree
13. What We Gonna Do
14. Tree of Life
15. 33 RPM
16. Encore break
17. Full Control


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