Britt Daniel (of Spoon) Live at Swedish American Hall

March 29, 2006

Here comes our fifth post related to San Francisco’s NoisePop 2006 indie music festival, and I’ve saved some of the best for last. This time we’re giving you a taste of the headlining solo acoustic performance from Britt Daniel of Spoon playing live at the Swedish American Hall on March 29th. Meric Long, Martyn Leaper, and Laura Veirs opened, and Britt sure put on one hell of a closer. He played 20 songs in total, including a couple with a boom box as a background track, and two covers of John Clayton and John Lennon songs.

Thanks to Spoon and Britt’s generous Open Taping Policy, you can listen to my recording of his entire performance from start to finish in all of it’s high fidelity glory at the links below or directly from The Live Music Archive. If all goes well, I’ll have one last NoisePop post in the next week, but in the meantime, don’t forget that this recording is intended for non-commercial personal use only. Also, please support the artists by purchasing their albums and seeing them live next time they come through your town!

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Audio Tracks
1. Advance Cassette
2. Anything You Want
3. The Beast And Dragon, Adored
4. Everything Hits At Once
5. Metal Detektor
6. Telephone My Heart
7. Me and the Bean
8. The Delicate Place
9. The Agony of Lafitte
10. I Could See The Dude
11. Don’t Make Me A Target
12. I Summon You
13. They Never Got You
14. The Way We Get By
15. Isolation
16. Sister Jack
17. Stay Don’t Go
18. Fitted Shirt into Car Radio
19. 10:20AM
20. Monsieur Valentin


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